Guan Arts

Civilization and Balance

The act of writing on the body marks the beginning of the most primitive civilization and suggests that the civilization of the future is in the balance of our body and our mind.

In this work, we wanted to talk about balance. Everything is the flow of balance, and health, peace of the earth, and all our lives must try to balance. The performance reflects the delicate tension of balance, and a butterfly surfaces in the performance, which is a metaphor for the dream of the Chinese thinker, Zhuangjiang, 2,000 years ago.

In his dream, he woke up having metamorphosed into a butterfly. He was confused whether he was a butterfly or a human and if it was one of the other worlds and if one of the boundaries was ambiguous.

Balance is struck by multiple means. One is the body and mind and the other is the body and nature. The story of the body and the mind is the unfurling of balance and obsession between the body and the mind through the act of writing scriptures to the body, because all our pain comes from this obsession. The Buddhist scriptures symbolize the elimination of that obsession. Also, butterflies and skeletons mean our bodies and nature. Nature is born and gone, and life and death are like nature.

Our bodies, our minds, our unmechanized but mechanical lives, and the repetition and life being lived for others and the need to be free have to be balanced, and are generally managed tenuously. The health of the body and the mind comes from balance according to the Oriental philosophy. The balance with nature heals us.The use of Buddhist scriptures on the body represents meditations, healing of the body, and represents a beauty of balance.

Humans die and nothing in the world is permanent. This is the most important message. It is solved by thinking about balance simply. Everything around us is balanced. A lot of people suffer from their own greed, and if the world is full of selfishness, we will have no dream or hope in the future.