Guan Arts


Guanarts is a both (Jiangsu) China and (New Delhi) India based studio with Huang Lele as director, which is involved in contemporary art, exhibition curation and organizing seminars, following its own vibrant ideas and intentions. The word “Guanarts” could be split into “Guan” and “arts”. Guan is a Chinese word with multiple meanings. It refers to the “visual” domain and actualizes concepts such as “look”, “observe” and “ideas”. Nothing exists until it is observed. Guanarts brings modes and material into existence by observation and artistic ways of seeing by developing its powers of observation constantly. It has collaborated with practicing artists, calligraphers, curators, photographers, computer programmers, directors and writers.

Video Performances collaborated with PFunk PFama, Shin Do Won from Horanggasinamu Creation Studio (South Korea, 2017); Live Show collaborated with PFunk PFama, Shin Do Won Sarojini Lewis: Lafresco (South Korea, 2017); Exhibition collaborated with Jyothidaas Kv, Manmeet Devgun and some other artists: Trace (curated by Sarojini Lewis, New Delhi, 2017); Exhibition participated in Center of Asian Art in Gwangju and collaborated with Sarojini Lewis and Jyothidaas Kv: Urban (South Korea, 2017) Exhibition collaborated with Raqs Media Collective, Sarojini Lewis and Lalthlanchhuaha: “When Does Curatorial Work End?: Pre-Cambrian Caves inside a Gallery!” (New Delhi, 2016); Exhibition collaborated with National Museum of Chinese Writing: Chinese Characters (New Delhi, 2016) …