Guan Arts

Art Labor Series 1(Medium-Crayon on Paper)

This is a series of artworks cooperated with a group of artists who are as young as children. The ability of children to understand and enjoy dynamic structures in visual images has often been underrated. Depending upon their age and development, elementary school children have a greater level of comprehension of visual display than we realize. Just because their responses are not in accordance with the established pictorial codes and compositional guidelines drawn by adults, does not mean that children cannot appreciate and learn from a dynamic and more complex composition.

My collaboration with this specific group of artists (children) is an attempt to raise awareness and empower the children or the youth art practices who have been trained to learn the painting skills. Building platforms and discourse between the adult artist and child practitioners so as to understand the labor behind the process of producing the artworks, the children’s responses when creating their artworks, and the psychology and thoughts of the children reflected in their artworks as well.

Collaborated with a group of child artists like Yangyang, Chongchong, Zong'er