Guan Arts

Artwork for Memorizing My Grandmother(Medium-Sketch on Paper & Photography

This artwork of the portrait of my grandmother (sketch on paper) and my childhood pictures (photography) aims to trace my memories of my childhood which influence me a lot in my entire life, especially in my life of art.

In these years I attempted many times in writing different texts (poems, Buddhist Mantras and etc.) in the form of calligraphy on the body. Body is the physical structure and material substance of an animal or plant, living or dead. The texts written on the body represents the manifestations of human intellectual achievements. The act of writing on the body calligraphically is the combination of my personal life experience and my artistic pursuits.

I, myself, had a close relationship with my grandmother, who was a Buddhist. Thus, with her influence, I grow up with a lot of experiences of chanting Buddhist sutras, attending Buddhist ritual activities and etc. All these life experiences pushed me chose the subject related with Buddhist art, which I am now researching for my PhD studies. Even my PhD research is somehow related with the body, the body transformation of the Buddhist figures. Thus, my artworks somehow are connected with my deep memories and emotions of my grandmother.

This artwork is more than a sketch or a photo, but helps to reveal my deep feelings, precious memories and life experiences.